Vamosnuoren tarina: Ilias


Ilias has been living in Finland for 2 years and a half. Vamos helped him with different systems in Finland as Kela, unemployment office and address change.


– When I first heard about Vamos, I wondered that why an organization sits you for every week and tries to help you? You don’t get such services in lot of places. Studying more about Helsinki Deaconess Institute, I understood that the different services were there for developing the society, which sounded very right.

– I heard, that Vamos won’t do it for you but helps you to learn and do those things by yourself. That was the reason why I decided to come, and that’s what I’ve learned – I’ve learned to do those things independently. Looking back I realize the amount of mistakes that I could’ve made.

As a newcomer the group activities are essential

– I’ve found it really important to be a part of different group activities. Especially if you’re young and in a new environment with no longer the same social connections that you used to have before moving. In Vamos there’s always somebody that responds to you any time at the day, and I think it’s amazing.

– Working with finns helps to obtain the cultural connection. In the Kotitehtävä-group people will sometimes need to do English homeworks. That’s where I can help with my English capability or another subjects that I have capabilities to do.

“I want to give back to Finland what it gave to me”

– In the near future I hope that I would be in a job that I’m really interested – as customer service, orientation professional job and of course being able to be a volunteer in Vamos.

– I have this philosophy that when you get the support when needed, you’re somehow responsible. I’m responsible to Finland as a state and see myself working hardly to be a member of the society, giving something back.

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