International cooperation

We realise our global responsibility by carrying out development cooperation work in Africa and in the wider European area.

Working globally

The objective of the international work of the Deaconess Foundation is to reduce poverty and inequality in the countries and communities where we work. In our work, we develop solutions to improve life situations, participation and agency of the most vulnerable people in their societies.

The Deaconess Foundation works internationally in partnerships and networks with local organizations. In addition, we also support development projects which are implemented in networks and partnerships with other international actors. In our international work, we utilise our professional expertise by various means.

Geographically, the Deaconess Foundation focuses on  the following areas the work is developed on a long-term basis:

  • Wider European region: Belarus, Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine
  • East Africa and Horn of Africa: Northern Somalia
  • Europe and Middle East: Bulgaria, Romania, Jordan

Priority areas of the international work

    We enable the most vulnerable people in societies to live their lives with dignity, independence and inclusion and to be agents in their lives.
    We strengthen the awareness and skills of the marginalized and excluded communities, and the individuals living within them, to influence and improve their lives.
    We strengthen wellbeing, trust and reconciliation in the communities recovering from wars or international conflicts.

Our development cooperation and international work are run with funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finlandthe Parish Union of HelsinkiEmmaus HelsinkiEmmaus WestervikEmmaus Åland and the European Commission.

Contact information

Eija-Riitta Kinnunen, Director, International Affairs
Tel. +358 50 504 688830

Christina Nyback, Programme Coordinator
Tel. +358 40 708 0552

Pirjo Sääskilahti, Programme Coordinator
Tel. +358 50 578 1304

Anca Enache, Development Manager
Tel. +358 50 578 1301

Maria Dorofte, Project Manager
Tel. +358 50 401 1212