International diaconia

Helsinki Deaconess Institute contributes to the global responsibility through development cooperation in Southern Africa and in Wider Europe region. The distinctive feature of our international development work is to operate internationally on the same themes as in Finland: we utilise the experience gained from Finland in our international projects and on the other hand we incorporate the good knowledge and practises gained from international projects and partners. The international dimension is also present in the service sector through expert networks, and mobility projects.

The majority of our international cooperation work is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs whose focus in the development cooperation is poverty reduction. Additionally, the unit supports other local development projects in the target countries. In cooperation with local actors we are improving the life of the most disadvantaged people and support them in identifying their own strengths.

Our main partners are church networks, ecumenical organisations and other civil society actors. In particular, churches are highly valued actors in Southern Africa. They are trusted and have connections to the poorest of the poor. Churches have a key role in social change and they have the potential to become key players in building socially sustainable communities and more equal world.

  • violence prevention

  • youth empowerment

  • empowerment of the elderly

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International Diaconia
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Susanna Kiuru
Programme Coordinator
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Pirjo Sääskilahti
Project Coordinator
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The principle of the development cooperation of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute is that the plight and needs of people are viewed from their perspective.

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In international work, development ideas are created by the participants themselves. This produces long-lasting results.

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International diaconal unit implements development cooperation funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.