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Mental and spiritual support

Mental and spiritual support involves multifaceted human relationship work, including pastoral care, worship and retreat.

Mental and spiritual support – pastoral care – provided by the Deaconess Institute's Counselling and Community Services, is intended for the Institute's clients and residents, their families, students, and to staff struggling with crises, illness or approaching end-of-life. In particular, support is offered to people who are unable to obtain it elsewhere.

Face to face, without terms or conditions

Pastoral care is guided by Christian values – respect for one's fellow humans and meeting a person in distress, without setting conditions. Pastoral care defends and supports a holistic vision of humanity, respecting individual convictions. People from any religious background are welcome to get in touch.

Pastoral care is realised in worship, in various groups, in everyday encounters, in being present, in agreed discussions, in prayer, in confession, in the Holy Communion and in retreats. Pastoral counselling provides support in crises, illnesses and as death approaches.



Pastoral care refers to religious care which is based on charity and a Christian view. Its need is individual and varies according to various stages of life. 

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Leading  Deaconess
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Our service is based on the Christian ethos of love your neighbour, which transcends service boundaries.
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