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Community and volunteer programmes

The future of the welfare society hinges on high-quality social welfare and healthcare services, complemented by civic activities encouraging responsibility for one's fellow humans.

Service systems alone are not sufficient to provide the support people need at various stages of their lives.  In particular, forgotten groups within society need comprehensive services and strong support from the community, in order to regain their human dignity and control of their own lives.

Responsibility for the wellbeing of fellow humans as a guiding value in life

We create new approaches that combine service structures and civic activity in a complementary way. To work alongside professionals, we introduce an expanding group of active voluntary workers, who view responsibility for their fellow humans' wellbeing as a guiding value in their lives.

This creates opportunities for new approaches to the reform of the welfare state. At the same time, it reinforces the caring attitude that arises from voluntary activity and action taken by communities.

Would you like to fulfil your social responsibility?

In particular, the Deaconess Institute serves, trains and supports those who cannot access help from elsewhere. Our clients include people with various illnesses, and who suffer from substance abuse and mental health problems. Among them are lonely elderly people, families going through a crisis, immigrants and young people on the path to social exclusion.

Our motto is "A dignified tomorrow for everyone". This cannot be achieved through expert resources alone. We also need bold voluntary citizens to join us. If you want to put your sense of social responsibility into practice, you are the kind of person we are looking for.

Be an agent of change. You will change.

Voluntary activities benefit and serve everyone: you, our clients and our staff. Our versatile community will provide you with memorable encounters; unpaid but unique experiences that can change your life and world view. And you may change how someone else views the world.

With us, you will be able to use both your head and heart. Activities are planned and developed together with you. We will induct, train and insure you, to be ready to handle the people and situations you will encounter. We will provide you with guidance, support and recreational activities.


Our voluntary activities will provide you with a way to help others that is just right for you. 


Get in touch with:

Laura Hakoköngäs,  Director of Volunteer and Community Programmes
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Tel. +358 50 370 5451

Tarja Jalli, Coordinator
Voluntary Programmes
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Tel. +358 400 427 472