Discrikamira – a project promoting equality for Roma migrants in Finland

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Deaconess Foundation is involved in Discrikamira, a project focusing on developing work to combat discrimination against Roma migrants, supporting victims, and enabling reporting of cases and experiences of injustice.

In Finland, special emphasis is placed on education and training; increasing awareness of the features of discrimination and human rights violations experienced by Roma migrants.

The purpose of the project

  • Promote equality of Roma migrants in Finland
  • Develop and test tools to identify and report discrimination against Roma migrants
  • Increase awareness of anti-Gypsyism among staff and students from different professional groups, particularly in the security, justice and media sectors

What do we do

Identifying anti-Gypsyism and multiple discrimination

  • Providing opportunities for Roma migrants to discuss, obtain support and information on discrimination and reporting on discrimination
  • Training on forms of discrimination experienced by Roma migrants

Developing preventive and non-discriminatory treatment

  • Kamira (Spain) develops a phone application (App Kamira SOS) that enables Roma migrants to report discrimination they have experienced
  • Producing and publishing an awareness video campaign

European cooperation

  • The project partners share their experience in developing non-discrimination work
  • The creation of a European network of experts on the subject
  • Kamira (Spain) organizes an international congress regarding the issue of Roma discrimination


Discrikamira is a Roma anti-discrimination cooperation project between three European partners. Coordinating organization is Federacion Nacional De Asociaciones De Mujeres Gitanas Kamira (Spain), and another partner is Romni Onlus (Italy).

Project Period: December 1, 2018 – November 30, 2020

Content of the trainings organized in Finland

Within the project several groups of students and professionals of different fiends – especially security, justice and media sectors – have been trained to identify and address discrimination against the Roma, anti-Gypsyism, as well as human rights violations and everyday factors reducing security of the Roma migrants.

Examples of issues addressed in the training

  • Challenges faced by Roma in their home countries; vulnerability and lack of human rights; driving elements increasing migration
  • Recent migration of East European Roma in Europe and in Finland
  • Life of Roma migrants in Helsinki and Finland, everyday security and vulnerabilities
  • Street work, precarity patterns, absolute poverty
  • Roma migrants and multiple discrimination
  • Representations, stereotypes and media discourses
  • Access and obstacles to basic health and social services
  • Roma rights services and projects (e.g. drop-in centre Hirundo, temporary emergency shelter, employment project, work abroad)

Project description in Finnish

See also Eurodiaconia websites

Transnational project against the discrimination of Roma launched by our Finnish member

Contact information

Maria Dorofte, Project Manager
+358 50 401 1212

Marjaana Toiviainen, Project Worker


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