Deaconess Foundation acquired Caritas Palvelut Oy in Oulu


Caritas palvelut Oy:n toimipisteen piha-alue Oulussa.


The Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation has purchased the entire share capital of Caritas Palvelut Oy from Caritas Foundation.  The acquisition secures the growth of Caritas’s services in Northern Finland and offers the Deaconess Foundation new opportunities as a provider of social and health care services for special groups. The shared values of the two foundations provide a solid foundation for a smooth change of ownership.

”This acquisition supports our strategy of nationwide expansion. Caritas’s expertise and diverse service offering in Northern Finland complement the Deaconess Foundation’s services and create opportunities for joint development and growth. We are very happy to have the people of Caritas in our community”, says Olli Holmström, CEO of the Deaconess Foundation.

Caritas Palvelut Ltd, owned by the Oulu-based Caritas Foundation foundation, offers diverse sheltered housing and home services for disabled and elderly people in Rovaniemi and the Oulu region. The company operates 25 sheltered housing units and a hospital, employs approximately 600 social services and health care experts and posted a turnover of EUR 30.4 million in 2019.

For Caritas Foundation, the primary purpose of the transaction is to ensure the continuity and development of its services and to lay the groundwork for the expansion of joint diaconal work in the Oulu region.

”It was important to us that the new owner would continue providing our services and ensure their growth and development according to our shared values, while facilitating increased cooperation between our two foundations in social and diaconal projects.  Deaconess Foundation’s solid finances and dynamic activity in the field of social and health care provision and development safeguard the company’s development amidst tightening competition and the transformations brought by the social and health care service reform”, says Heikki Keränen, Chairman of the Board of Caritas Foundation.

Caritas Palvelut Ltd continues as a subsidiary of Deaconess Foundation

Caritas Palvelut Ltd will continue its operations as a subsidiary of Deaconess Foundation. Operations will continue under the company’s current name and its personnel will continue in their duties with full benefits. The change will have no effect on the company’s existing contracts or customer relationships. Its work for the good of its customers will continue as normal after the change of ownership.

”Caritas has skilled personnel and a humane corporate culture. Supported by the Deaconess Foundation’s experience in this field, we will be able to continue looking after its customers and developing our services. This acquisition improves our ability to carry out the Deaconess Foundation’s core mission, working for human dignity”, says Holmström.

Caritas Palvelut will be part of Deaconess Foundation from 31 August. Leila Rutanen, Master of Science in Health Care, will take up the position of the company’s present CEO, Petteri Viramo, who is stepping down in connection with the acquisition. Rutanen has a solid and diverse base of experience in service provision for the elderly and disabled, development of social and health care service organisations and performance-oriented management. At the Deaconess Foundation, she is also responsible for Rinnekoti, which provides services for the developmentally disabled.  In her career, Rutanen has served as, for example Service Manager of Aspa Palvelut Oy, Social and Health Care Director of the Municipality of Orivesi, and Director of open care for the elderly and services for the disabled in the Municipality of Jämsä.


The Deaconess Foundation is an over 150-year-old foundation that works boldly for human dignity. The Foundation, its service provider for the disabled Rinnekoti and its subsidiary Diakonissalaitoksen Hoiva Ltd provide effective social welfare and health care services that make the everyday lives of their customers better. The Deaconess Foundation employs 2,300 people nationwide and its combined turnover in 2019 was EUR 160 million. The foundation is a social enterprise, for which profitable business is a tool for building a better and more equitable society.

Caritas-Säätiö is an Oulu-based diaconic foundation established in 1998. The purpose of the foundation is to promote the quality of life of the elderly and disabled. The foundation will continue its community work and the implementation and development of diaconic projects.

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