Deaconess Foundation and Rinnekoti Foundation merge



Rinnekoti is Finland’s largest operator in private disability services. It provides nationwide services for the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities and on the autism spectrum.

As a result of the merger, which came into effect at the start of the new year, the Deaconess Foundation will be a stronger, more effective value-based player in the social welfare and health arena. The merger will provide the social enterprise, which operates nationwide and employs over 2 300 people, positive scope to conduct business activity, the proceeds of which have a socially significant purpose.

Together with Rinnekoti, the Deaconess Foundation will be better able to generate high quality and wide-ranging social welfare and health services. The merger will boost their joint work, expertise, and the effectiveness of their operations. It will bring numerous benefits for clients and employees alike.

The CEO of the Deaconess Foundation, Olli Holmström, explains: “The visible and tangible benefits for the customer will be a wider range of services, more versatile know-how, plus resources for developing services. And we can provide our employees with better career development and paths in the service of a major employer. We want to be the most enterprising workplace in the social care industry for people who, in addition to their professional skills, take their hearts to work with them.”

Common history and shared values

The merger is a natural step for the Deaconess Foundation and Rinnekoti, as both have a long common history and shared values. Rinnekoti started off as a part of the work of the Deaconess Foundation, in 1927, when two young boys, Mauri and Martti, who had intellectual disabilities started to be cared for by the sisters of the Deaconess Foundation. Rinnekoti has been an independent subsidiary since 1957. Now, thanks to the merger, it has returned home.

“Our common values are reflected by the fact that we treat our clients and their relatives as individuals. We take into account individual needs in everyday life and when designing services. Our services support people’s participation in the community and society. Doing meaningful work brings us together, and this is a good starting point on which to build a common future,” says Holmström.

Following the merger, Rinnekoti will continue its operations as one of the Deaconess Foundation’s business branches with own auxiliary business name. Rinnekoti will retain its current name and brand under which its service business operations will continue, develop, and expand.

Further information:
Olli Holmström, CEO, Deaconess Foundation
Tel: +358 50 483 6313,

The Deaconess Foundation is an over 150-year-old institution and social enterprise. Together with Rinnekoti and our subsidiary the Diakonissalaitoksen Hoiva Ltd, we provide effective social welfare and health services that improve the day-to-day lives of our clients. Our work is guided by a common set of values. We aim to be the most courageous workplace in the industry for people who, in addition to their skills, bring their hearts to work with them. Every one of us works for human dignity.

We employ 2 300 people nationwide and our combined turnover in 2019 was €160 million. We are also owners in the Diakonia College of Finland and the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences.



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