Deaconess Foundation provides support to the most vulnerable during the state of emergency


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The Deaconess Foundation will help people most in need of support, such as older people living alone, homeless people, and people suffering from various forms of substance addiction. They are all at risk and are in a very vulnerable situation during the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a bold and agile player, the Deaconess Foundation seeks out ways to respond to people’s needs, with which we can take pleasure in, support, and be close to one another, even though our physical distance grows. We are collecting ideas and practical models on this.

“The coronavirus pandemic forces us now to be physically distant from one another.  That’s why, together with our clients, we are adopting modern communication tools extensively to ensure that people can come together with their thoughts, fears and hopes and find safety with one other. Physically distant but mentally close. This is now crucial,” says the Deaconess Foundation’s Diaconia Director Ilkka Kantola.

The Deaconess Foundation is also assisting in the state of emergency. When necessary, project support staff for older people meet clients outside the home for arranging such things as joint medical appointments. We are staying in close contact with our clients by phone and search for personalised solutions to the situation, both for older people and Vamos youth who are in need. Detached and outreach work on substance abuse will continue normally, reaching out to those in need on the city streets. Support for undocumented people and Roma will also continue, and emergency accommodation remains open.


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