Emergency accommodation for the traveller population and undocumented people

Mattresses for emergency accommodation.

The Deaconess Foundation maintains an emergency accommodation unit for Europe’s traveller population at the Inarintie. Diakonissalaitoksen Hoiva Ltd maintains two emergency accommodation units, one at Alppikatu and one at Inarintie for undocumented people.

The emergency accommodation for Europe’s mobile Roma population is open during the coldest time of the year, usually from October to April. The accommodation has capacity for 100 people, and is primarily intended for members of Europe’s traveller Roma population, who mainly come from Bulgaria and Romania.

The emergency accommodation for undocumented people is aimed for third country nationals coming from outside Europe, who do not have residence permits in Finland. The service has capacity for 50 people. There are places reserved for people coming via the Hietaniemi service centre, run by the City of Helsinki. If necessary, if there are vacancies in the emergency accommodation, people outside the specific target group of clients can be accommodated.



Inarintie 8, 00550 Helsinki
Service capacity 100
Open 18-08
Tel: 050 505 3668 (accommodation for traveller population)

Alppikatu 2, Building G (Alppikulma)
Service capacity 45
Open 17-09
email: minna.kiviaho@hoiva.fi

Inarintie 8 (undocumented people)
Service capacity 50
Open 17-09
Tel: 050 502 1455 emergency accommodation for undocumented people)


Further information
Mika Paasolainen
Service Area Director
050 502 7659

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