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You can get involved through us in mentoring for young people
or immigrants, organising events for older people, helping out formerly homeless people, or being a language mentor for people learning Finnish.


Adding value to everyday life – Become a volunteer

Through the Deaconess Foundation in Helsinki you can take part in valuable civic activities. There are currently nearly 2 000 volunteers and peer support people involved in improving the lives of people and communities. Welcome on board!

You’ll find we have just the right activity to suit you, such as working with youth, families, or immigrants. You’ll get to know new people and get a chance to draw on your own strengths and skills. Tasks are appropriately tailored to each person, and we provide regular training and support for volunteers and peer support persons.

We also provide the scope and opportunity for civic activities by businesses, higher education institutions, and different population groups.

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Kanssala – Bringing people and communities closer to each other

Welcome to Kanssala! Kanssala is a citizenship laboratory run by Helsinki Deaconess Institute in collaboration with the city of Helsinki. We bring volunteering, community work, and activism closer to the everyday life of people in Helsinki.

Our job is to develop and experiment different kinds of ways to engage in volunteering and participate in society. Especially, we want to offer opportunities for participation for those who do not see themselves as active citizens.

If you are a person living in Helsinki, we will help you to find hospitable communities that welcome you as a volunteer and community member.  Find your way to participate together with Kanssala!

If you are working in a community, a company, or an organisation, we help you to develop ways to enable different forms of citizen participation. More information about Kanssala in Finnish.

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Saara Simonen
+358 50 464 2728

Joonas Timonen
+358 50 570 8073




97 %

of the Deaconess Institute’s volunteers say that civic activism improves their wellbeing and adds meaning to their lives. Such activity is fun, dispels loneliness, and improves your capabilities. Many of our volunteers have learnt new skills, made new friends, and found new activities and communities bringing people together.

Activities with young asylum seekers