Innovative Youth work

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

Overall goal of the project

The project aims at strengthening the employability and employment of the young people who are at risk of exclusion. During the project period, 150 young people from the target groups will participate in the project’s thematic development processes and pilots.

The project strengthens the partners’ leadership skills and implementation of internationalization strategies. The project activities respond to the needs of the target groups through a wide range of interventions. As the paths to employment become easier, entrepreneurship and orientation will be strengthened.

As a result of the project practices and models for identifying and meeting the service needs of young people in the target group have been developed and adherence to youth services has been strengthened In cooperation with actors and the network.

The project is part of Eramus+ programme in a period 1.8.2020 – 31.7.2022.

Methods used in the project 

The project utilizes the following methods in working with youth and developing operating models.

  • intensive coaching model, based on appreciative interaction and encounter methods and strength- based coaching, aims at appreciative encounter and impact on employment paths of the youth. Coaching supports young people and their families.
  • mentoring models for young people will be developed in the project. Mentors can be, for example, youth work professionals, volunteers or corporate employees.
  • project development measures utilize Co-design and Service Design operating models. All development processes are inclusive and the young people of the target group are involved at all stages of the planning process. The implementation utilizes the partnerships of the partner organizations’ business cooperation.


The project is being implemented by three partner organizations. The coordinator of the project is the Deaconess Foundation.