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Child protection and family services

Helsinki Deaconess Institute's work with children and families builds a dignified future every day. Such work with children and young people creates a foundation for the future, by providing them with as settled a life as possible.

We offer services providing open and substitute care in child welfare services. Our units and professional foster homes are located in the districts of Pitäjämäki in Helsinki and in Pellas in Espoo. We continuously develop new open care services, operating models that combine open care and substitute care services, and consultancy in the field of child welfare services.

Together with the family

Social welfare and health care specialist services are provided through our child protection and family work. A key focus is on children who are placed in substitute care and require psychiatric services, and on their families, particularly those with severe problems.

Therapeutic residential care is meant for severely traumatised children and young people showing multiple symptoms, and also for their families. The treatment provided is a combination of substitute care and psychiatric care. Therapeutic residential care is systematic and the treatment as a whole is provided in the one place.

Family rehabilitation provides care to child welfare service clients who have serious difficulties in coping with their day-to-day lives. Such families' lives have been unstable for a long period. This has endangered the development of the child or young person, and other non-institutional support measures have proved insufficient.

In addition to this Helsinki Deaconess Institute provides individual care, housing support services for youngsters, detoxification for youngsters, foster family support and afternoon activity for school-age children.

Family work focuses on providing support for the family's own resources and aims to find new ways of coping.

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Child Protection and Family Services
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Director of Child Protection and Family Services
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