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Drop-in centres – Loitering allowed

Helsinki Deaconess Institute's drop-in centres are run on the basis of the low-threshold principle – it is easy to participate. Our drop-in centres around Helsinki offer health care, meals and hygiene services, along with counselling and a group of peers to belong to.

The drop-in centres offers socially excluded people, or those at serious risk of social exclusion, an opportunity to participate and feel accepted as they are. 

Kaalo drop-in centre

Kaalo drop-in centre offers social services for Roma living in the capital region. The work of the centre approaches issues from the viewpoint of Roma values.

Afternoon activity for school-age children

Lastenkaari offers afternoon activity for school-age children. The work that is done at Lastenkaari supports the child's individual development whilst interacting with their growing environment. The work at Lastenkaari includes after-school clubs for school children in classes 1 to 2 and focused evening activities for girls and boys in classes 3 to 5.

Citizens' Arena – Art can pull you back to life

The Citizens' Arena encourages culture, exercise and arts. Creativity is not a matter of situation in life. Drop-in centre enables a person to experience a sense of community and become involved in creative activity. The Citizens' Arena offers a variety of low-threshold cultural and sports events. Read more


Our drop-in centre activities operate on the low threshold principle - easy access for those in need.


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