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Equal education opportunities and prerequisites of building a good life

Helsinki Deaconess Institute's educational services complement the educational offering of the Capital Region, with a particular emphasis on the prevention of social exclusion. In practice, educational services of the Institute are carried out by Helsinki Diakonia College.

Helsinki Diakonia College

Helsinki Diakonia College is a private, vocational place of education in which the varied fields of social services and social justice are promoted. Our foremost mission is to educate skilled professionals in the fields of social and healthcare, nutrition and home economics who are committed to humanity and tolerance. The education is in Finnish.

Helsinki Diakonia College offers coaching on how to be a part of the working community and provides additional and complementary schooling for professionals. We also promote equality in schooling by offering education for those individuals who need extra assistance in how to cope in life, how to re-educate oneself and how to prepare oneself for the working life.

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

The educational tasks of Helsinki Deaconess Institute also include the education and training of diaconia workers to be employed by the church, various Christian organisations, and society in general. In practice, this task is carried out by Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, Diak.

Vocational education in social and health care

Pre-vocational programs

Vocational special needs education

Basic education for adults

Vocational further education and training

Teacher & student exchange programs 


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