Housing services

Housing is a basic right
that doesn't need to be earned

We provide round-the-clock supported housing, scattered housing with integrated support and and sheltered housing for men and women under the age of 65, in various life situations. Their backgrounds are often characterised by long-term homelessness, substance abuse, mental health problems and difficulties in social relationships.

Our housing services are founded on respect for human dignity. We operate under the 'Housing First' principle, where housing is viewed as a basic right that does not need to be earned. We believe that housing creates the foundation for rehabilitation. The residents are not required to reduce substance abuse and do not need to commit to rehabilitation. Housing units, do however, seek to create a climate that supports recovery and resists institutionalization and the domination of a substance abuse centered lifestyle.

Building a good daily life through community

Housing units implement community-based ways of working which aim to strengthen the social integration of the residents, with regard to both their personal lives, their interpersonal relationships in the housing unit and their relationship with wider society.

Long-term low-threshold housing provides good opportunities to support residents in finding their own resources, rehabilitating and moving on to less-intensive housing services, whenever possible. Rehabilitation is based on mutual trust between the resident, staff and other members of the community. 

Housing First Europe

Housing First Europe is a Social Experimentation project funded in the framework of the PROGRESS programme of the European Commission. It aims at evaluation and mutual learning of local projects in ten European cities. The projects provide homeless people with complex needs immediate access to long-term, self-contained housing and intensive support.

500 homeless were housed.

Housing units implement community-based ways of working which aim to strengthen the social integration of the residents.

Contact information

Heli Alkila
Director of Housing Services
Tel. +358 50 502 7533
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