Substance Abuse Work

Substance abuse services

Substance abuse services provided by Helsinki Deaconess Institute are targeted at people suffering from social exclusion following a substance use disorder. Working with marginalized people reflects the values of human dignity, justice and communality.

Our substance abuse work includes various programs according to patients' needs, but activities in all of them are based on participatory approach.

Substance abuse services provide round-the-clock advice to substance abusers and their families, across Finland. However, our practical activities are focused in the Helsinki region.

Helsinki Deaconess Institute provides

• Detoxification programs
• Drug rehabilitation programs
• Harm reduction services
• Drop-in centres
• Substance abuse advisory service

Our substance abuse advisory service is available free of charge nation-wide 24/7. Tel. 0800 900 45. The service is intended for substance abusers and their families, as well as professionals.

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