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Vamos youth services has reached over 1400 young people last year

Vamos is a holistic and low threshold service for youth in the risk of social exclusion.

Helsinki Deaconess Institute has built a hybrid model for activation and rehabilitation which includes outreach based individual support and rehabilitative groups. The Vamos youth services are based on the needs of the youth and they complement the gaps in public services. Its main innovations are renewed professionalism and integrative way of organizing youth services.

The aim is to support 16–29 year old youngsters, to find their way into education or working life. Many of them need intensive support to strengthen their skills of daily life and social interaction. Most of them are feeling lonely and worthless, have been bullied in school and don't trust other people.

Low threshold service

We build everyone a unique service experience, which is voluntary for the youngster, and doesn't involve institutional power or financial components. The threshold to our services is low. Youths don't need any diagnoses or official statements. Many of them find their way to our services themselves. Families, relatives and friends also guide them to Vamos. Also different public services, mainly from social, health and education sectors are guiding them to our services.

Vamos employees come with various educational backgrounds, from social work to theology and occupational therapy.

In 2014 Vamos reached 1400 youths at the Helsinki metropolitan area. Vamos youth services are available in various cities in Finland. 

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Contact information

Sari Nyberg
Director of Youth Services
Tel. +358 50 502 7544
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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