The unprotected

The DeaconessFoundations Unprotected community project assists undocumented people. This involves working with people who have received negative decisions on their applications for asylum, and instead of inaction provides them with community action and support. In addition to creating partnerships based on trust, the project offers psychosocial support, counselling, service guidance, and solid information about the implications of remaining in Finland without a residence permit, what the consequences could be, and the sorts of alternatives available.

The Unprotected community project is run at a day centre where people can come for a shower, do their laundry, prepare food, and rest. Community activity at the day centre supports the capacity of undocumented people during a particularly demanding situation, and provides them with the information they need to face the next stage in their lives as fully empowered individuals and regardless of their immediate circumstances. One aspect of reinforcing people’s agency is their participation in community activities and being responsible for them.

Contact information

Anne Hammad, Project manager
+358 50 502 0022
(English, Finnish)

Sugulle Salah, Community worker
+358 50 502 2066
(Somali language, Finnish)