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Helsinki Deaconess Institute

Helsinki Deaconess Institute is a public utility foundation and a multifaceted social enterprise group with several subsidiaries. The group provides wide-ranging social welfare, health care and education services. The proceeds from the group's operations and assets are used to promote health and well-being and to build a more just society.

The group employs roughly 1,600 people with an annual operating volume in the region of MEUR 150. Diacor terveyspalvelut Ltd and Helsingin Diakonissalaitoksen Hoiva Ltd are its biggest subsidiaries.

Services and citizen participation build a good life

Helsinki Deaconess Institute is an expert in tackling social issues. Specializing in segments of society with demanding needs, it offers child and youth welfare services, housing and employment support, substance abuse work, and mental health programmes. The educational services offered by the Institute complement the vocational education offered in the capital region and focus on the prevention of social exclusion. Helsinki Deaconess Institute also engages in development cooperation.

Services are produced together with the state, municipalities, companies, other partners and investors. In addition to service production, civic activity is promoted in all of the Institute's operations.

Helsinki Deaconess Institute's General Overview Brochure

pdfCourage to care.

The purpose of the existence of HDI is encapsulated in providing support for the most vulnerable.