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Helsinki Deaconess Institute

Helsinki Deaconess Institute is a non-profit organisation, a bold and influential player. We are specialists in social problems and special groups in society. We create new solutions specifically in areas where human dignity is jeopardised. Our work is guided by the values of Christian charity.

The Helsinki Deaconess group provides wide-ranging social welfare and health care services. The proceeds from the group's operations and assets are used to promote health and well-being and to build a more just society.

The group employs roughly 1,000 people with an annual operating volume in the region of MEUR 147. Helsingin Diakonissalaitoksen Hoiva Ltd is its biggest subsidiary.

Helsinki Deaconess Institute was founded in 1867. We started off as a plague hospital, and provided training for young women to help people in distress, to be deaconesses. Diaconic work was already at that time the mainstay of our work.

Helsinki Deaconess Institute's General Overview Brochure

pdfCourage to care.

The purpose of the existence of HDI is encapsulated in providing support for the most vulnerable.