Eurodiaconia Annual General Assembly 2023 in Helsinki


Deaconess Foundation warmly welcomes Eurodiaconia and its Annual General Assembly to Helsinki from April 25th to April 29th, 2023. This year’s meeting will be held under the theme “Horizons of Hope – building a Europe of trust, solidarity and diversity through diaconal work”. The goal is to recognize the hope that diaconal work brings to communities throughout Europe, and to explore how our collective voice can foster positive change and help address today’s social challenges. 

Helsinki mereltä kuvattuna. Tekstissä

The Annual General Assembly will feature an array of workshops, study visits, and sharing of best practices, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn from each other and celebrate our shared commitment to social justice. Eurodiaconia’s membership comprises 58 national and regional organizations across 32 countries, each bringing unique experiences and perspectives to the table. The word “diakonia” comes from the Greek for “service” and reflects our commitment to serving those in need and working towards a more just and equitable society.

The Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation, a longstanding institution with over 155 years of experience providing social welfare and healthcare services to clients throughout Finland, will be hosting this edition of Eurodiaconia Annual General Assembly.

Following the opening service and session, the three-day programme will allow participants to take part in member and staff-led workshops, broaching themes relating to social Europe, access to social and healthcare services, political change, the upcoming EU Parliament elections and the role of religious social service providers in today’s Europe. Attendees will also have the opportunity to visit various social projects in Helsinki, enabling them to see firsthand the impact of diaconal work and share their own experiences.

Heather Roy, Eurodiaconia Secretary General, commented, Eurodiaconia’s Annual General Assembly is a chance for members to come together and celebrate the vital work they do in their communities and across Europe. By working collaboratively and sharing best practices, we can build a more trusting, inclusive, and diverse Europe, and work towards finding sustainable solutions to today’s social challenges. 

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