Support to youth

We have developed the free Vamos and Amigo services to
provide individual support and guidance to young people.

Effective support to youth throughout Finland

There are tens of thousands of young people who have dropped out of school and working life. Many struggle with loneliness, financial worries, mental health problems, or substance abuse. This is why we have developed the Vamos and Amigo services to provide individual support and guidance to young people.

Youth Programme

There are almost a million young people aged 15-29 in Finland. The participation of young people in decision-making has been successfully developed for a long time, but still not everyone’s voice is heard.

The aim of the Youth Programme is to make sure that the experiences and needs of vulnerable young people are expressed in society. It also aims to generate new partnerships and solutions to prevent youth exclusion. The initial funding for the Youth Programme comes from the Deaconess Foundation.

Contact information

Deaconess Foundation, Vamos Services
Alppikatu 2, FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland

Katri Angeria, Director, Youth Programme
Tel. +358 50 569 2553


Vamos helps 16–29 year-olds towards school and employment. This activity is voluntary and free of charge. At Vamos, priority is given to the needs of young people, young people are cared about, and work is carried out jointly with municipal and other actors. Young people at Vamos are allocated their own individual youth workers, who have the time to get to know them and their needs.

Vamos is run in eleven cities throughout Finland: Espoo, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Siilinjärvi, Tampere, Turku and Vantaa. Every year there are about 2 000 young people involved in Vamos.

Contact information
 Deaconess Foundation, Vamos Services
Alppikatu 2, FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland

Terhi Laine, Director, Vamos services
+358 400 237 775

Henna Harju, Development Manager
Tel. +358 50 468 3301



Amigo is a service whereby young people aged between 16 and 29 can receive a mentor. Amigo mentors are trained adult volunteers, who meet with and supports their young mentees over the course of a year. At the meetings they discuss matters of interest to the young people: education, different professions, hobbies, and friends – or anything that the mentees have on their minds. The main thing is to spend an enjoyable time together.

Contact information
Deaconess Foundation, Amigo Services
Kuortaneenkatu 1, FI-00500 Helsinki, Finland

Malla Tirkkonen, Project Manager
Tel +358 50 378 0892

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Proven support of the young people who completed the Vamos service in 2019

86 %

felt their lives had changed for the better.

75 %
believe their affairs will be better in the future.
76 %

felt that their mental wellbeing had improved.