Research and publications

Research and publication activity, as well as continual development to meet the needs of both clients and staff.

Publishing of scientific studies and on social questions

The Deaconess Foundation promotes scientific research and publishing concerning its field of work by linking up with university research on inclusion and preventing social exclusion. We are also continuously developing new practical ways of working together with customers, researchers and students of this sector. Our research partners include the universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere and Turku, the polytechnics Diak, Humak, Laurea and Metropolia, and the Academy of Finland and the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

Research authorisation and opinion of the ethics committee

Authorisation for research is granted by the director within whose area of responsibility the research deals with. You need to request a statement from the Helsinki Deaconess Institute’s ethics committee, if the research concerns a project, thesis, or other type of survey where the research material is acquired from people or working communities using the services of the HDI Foundation. The opinion is sought irrespective of the way in which the research data is to be collected.

During sprig 2024 meeting days are

18.3. (4.3.)
15.4. (1.4.)
20.5. (6.5.)
17.6.  (3.6.)

Applications for ethics committee opinion must be left two weeks earlier.

Contact information

Maija Santalahti, secretary of the Ethics Commitee
Tel. +358 050 307 3614

Application for ethics committee opinion (in Finnish)