Values, strategy, vision and mission

Values – love for neighbour,  human dignity and sustainability

Our service is based on the love for neighbour, which transcends the boundaries of service provision.

  • We uphold the inalienable dignity of each and every person.
  • We defend the human rights of the most vulnerable.
  • We create opportunities to live in dignity. These values mean that we interpret love for one’s neighbour from the perspective of human dignity, fairness and community.

Vision – A life of dignity for all

Mission – Strengthen trust, inclusion and empowerment

Values – the  love for neighbour, human dignity, and responsibility


Our strategy 2021-2024 –
Together the boldest

For over 150 years, the Deaconess Foundation has been working for a decent life for everyone. This goal is at the heart of our strategy. We have chosen four priority areas that we will focus on to enhance our work in the coming period.

Bold influencer

  • For us boldness means defending human rights uncompromisingly. All our employees will work to uphold human dignity.
  • We will look for, find and support people in society in the toughest
  • Together we will invest in young people, especially those at risk of exclusion.

National actor

  • Together with our clients and partners, we will make a difference to the lives of people with special needs in the Finnish welfare society.
  • We will increase our development efforts to provide customer-oriented services.
  • We will bring our services and expertise close to our clients.

United Deaconess Foundation

  • For us, unity means shared values, identity, culture and ways of working that unite us wherever we work.
  • We will promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as defined in our Sustainability Programme, in all our activities.
  • We will integrate our activities and services to work more effectively for human dignity and the well-being of our customers.

The work community of the future

  • We are boldly developing the Deaconess Foundation into the best working community in the sector and we will continue to work with professionalism and heart.
  • We will make visible the significant work that we do in the social welfare sector.
  • We are a welcoming and inviting community, highly approachable for clients, new employees and partners.

Our values pledge

We build welcoming communities that strengthen trust, inclusion and empowerment.

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