Values, vision and mission

Values – the Christian ethos of love for one’s neighbour and human dignity

Our service is based on the Christian ethos of love for one’s neighbour, which transcends the boundaries of service provision. We uphold the inalienable dignity of each and every person. We defend the human rights of the most vulnerable. We create opportunities to live in dignity. These values mean that we interpret love for one’s neighbour from the perspective of human dignity, fairness and community.

Vision – what we aim to be

We want to be a bold trailblazer in diaconia and builder of sustainable wellbeing. Our country can afford to bear responsibility for the most vulnerable members of society. People have the capacity and motivation to take responsibility for each other. No one can be left behind. The Deaconess Institute’s work improves the lives of people. The community of the Deaconess Institute carries out activities that alter people’s lives for the better. We are unflinching, even though what we do may divide opinion.

Mission – why we exist

Dignity for everyone. In our activities this means that everyone is entitled to a life of dignity. The purpose of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute is encapsulated in providing support for the most vulnerable. This means the continuous delivery of help and support to where others have yet to reach – where human dignity is in jeopardy.

What is diaconia?