Support for breaking away from extremist thinking.


Our society’s essential security challenge is the increase of inequality. One element that affects security is violent extremism. Even though it is not a widespread phenomenon, it is a part of our society’s reality. There is a lot of media attention regarding the matter. The topic involves strong feelings and opinions, which can increase the feeling of insecurity.

Violent ideologies and actions are a threat to the security, well-being, democracy and to human rights. A violent ideology undermines people’s sense of security and trust in each other and in the functioning of a society. A violent ideology denies the human dignity of others and democratic decision-making. Exit is looking for solutions to this phenomenon and to disengage from a violent ideology.

Violent ideologies and activities can be justified by arguments based on ideology, worldview, or religion. These various forms of a violent ideologies and operations are also reinforcing threats and increase the polarisation in society. The phenomenon is across borders and common throughout the world.

Violent ideologies and operations threaten an open and democratic society and the equal human dignity of all people. Acts of violence related to violent ideologies can be prevented by a reliable, professional, and properly targeted multisectoral cooperation.

Exit supports disengagement from violent movements and ideologies

There are functional ways of identifying and addressing violent extremism. Supporting the disengagement from violent ideologies and operations through Exit helps to prevent violence.

Exit offers:

  • Support for disengaging from violent ideologies and violent extremist movements
  • We support motivated individuals through Exit to disengage from violent activities
  • We develop our functional methods based on researched data to support Exit operations
  • We support and experiment disengagement in cooperation with other actors, such as organisations, authorities, and communities
  • We gather new information, offer guidance and counselling, bring together and train those working amidst violent extremism and those who may encounter it in their work

We share current information and understanding about violent ideologies and extremist movements to support the change towards a nonviolent, safe and crime-free way of life.

Customer guidance

To become a client of the project, contact us by phone or email. We assess whether there is a need for Exit work and, if necessary, guide the customer forward to a more suitable service.

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