For substance users

Counselling, treatment and rehabilitation for substance users.

Support for substance users

We provide counselling, treatment and rehabilitation for drug and prescription medicine abusers. The starting point for the services is human dignity, fairness, and communality. The services for substance users are produced by the Deaconess Foundations  services operator Rinnekodit. The services are produced in collaboration with the Espoo, Helsinki, and Vantaa municipalities.

Maintenance treatment is intended for opiate dependent substance users. Treatment objectives can be either rehabilitative or harm reductive. Rehabilitative maintenance treatment is for people with more comprehensive treatment objectives.

We also provide low threshold services that aim to reduce the harm caused by substance abuse. The project “Tukialus” looks for and reaches out to people who have not yet made use of health care counselling services. The project operates in the cities of Helsinki, Lahti and Tampere.

We want to facilitate people’s communal involvement and creativity regardless of their situation in life.

D-stations (link in Finnish) are low threshold meeting places for people in various difficult situations. These centres develop joint action based around the needs of people living in the local area. The D-stations combine empowering civic activity and tailored social and health care services tailored to each D-station’s target group. The D-stations also provide wide-ranging activities and opportunities for involvement for people with substance abuse problems in different parts of Helsinki and in Oulu.

Contact information
Alppikatu 2, FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland

tel. 09 7750 5980