Boldly working for human dignity.

Bold diaconia since 1867

The Deaconess Foundation is a non-profit organisation boldly working for human dignity. We help people at risk of social exclusion.

Together with our subsidiary Diakonissalaitoksen Hoiva Ltd, we produce effective social welfare and health services that help improve the day-to-day lives of our clients. The aim of our work is to ensure that everyone has the chance of a dignified life.

We specialise in providing services for groups in society faced with severe problems, and we produce these jointly with our clients and partners.

We also run the Community Action Based Learning for Empowerment (CABLE) to empower people and build communities. Civic activity is a strong feature of all our operations. Services alone are not enough – people need one another too.

Collaboration to serve our clients

We operate throughout Finland and collaborate with a range of municipalities, companies, and communities. We do not come up with ready-made solutions, but rather work out new working models with others. Our robust expertise and extensive experience make us a reliable partner in developing effective service models and innovations. The motif of our business operations is responsibility.

Our social enterprise group employs a thousand professional staff and over two thousand volunteers and people providing peer support. Out of the revenue from our operations and property we carry out our basic mission, which is to work to uphold human dignity.

Business collaboration

Business collaboration with the Deaconess Foundation creates an opportunity for companies to get to know society’s areas of distress and the scope for furthering the welfare of vulnerable groups. It lays a great basis for developing new services and solutions for groups faced with severe problems.

Research collaboration

The Deaconess Foundation promotes scientific research and publishing concerning its field of work by linking up with university research on inclusion and preventing social exclusion. We are also continuously developing new practical ways of working together with clients, researchers and students of this sector.