A day centre for the traveller population.

Hirundo is a day centre for the traveller population among EU citizens. In addition to tending to everyday matters, we provide social service and health care support for our clients. Hirundo is where they can safely come for a coffee, take a shower, do their laundry, use the internet, and eat their own meals. Hirundo’s staff also offer guidance and advice on using social welfare and health services.

Contact information

Inarintie 8, 00550 Helsinki

Mon–Fri 8.00–16.00

The traveller population of EU citizens mainly comprises Roma, who face discrimination,inequality, and extreme poverty in their own countries. As a result begging has become a source of livelihood. Discrimination and inequality are not absent in Finland either, and this impedes getting residence registration.

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Background or country of origin is not asked

At Hirundo Mobile you can have a coffee, noodles and talk to us in confidence. Three days a week, the car travels throughout Helsinki, providing advice, food, hot drinks and confidential discussions.


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