Homeless people

Housing is a basic right that you don’t have to earn. We provide housing services for people in various life situations. Our aim is to strengthen the social integration of the residents.

Housing First Principle

The starting point of our housing services is respect for human dignity. We apply the Housing First Principle, according to which housing is a basic right that you don’t have to earn.

We believe that a home lays the basis for a person’s rehabilitation. That’s why we don’t set the precondition that our residents make lifestyle changes, for instance by making non-substance use a condition for getting a home.

Residents live in rented flats and housing is included in necessary support, nursing and care the staff provide. We create a personal plan and allocate a supervisor in charge for every resident at the beginning of his or her stay.

Our range of services also includes scattered housing. This is living in your own separate rented flat. Residents in scattered housing receive the day-to-day help they require at home.

Being meaningfully occupied

The aim of our housing services is to make it possible for residents to have permanent housing and homes of their own, and to take care of housing security.

Our residents are active in their own community. They are closely involved in planning and carrying out housing services’ work. For some, our housing units provide a home for life, while for others they are an opportunity to go from a housing unit to more independent housing.

We develop activities through various projects for our residents to be meaningfully occupied in their every day lives.

Housing services are provided by the Deaconess Foundations service operator Rinnekodit.

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At the moment, Finland is the only EU country where the number of homeless people is decreasing. This good development has not happened by chance, as there are many actors who have done systematic work for years now to eradicate homelessness.


Proof of effective housing support

98,6 % of housing arrangements continue successfully annually 

87 % residents feel safe

76 % are satisfied with their housing

68 % are satisfied with their lives

68 % say their substance use decreased in the past six months