Sadiya’s life changed with Vamos’ help –“I could choose between two places to study!”

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When Sadiya, 22, moved to Finlandin 2013, she immediately started language studies, followed by adult primary school and a vocational school. Then came the move from a smaller town to Helsinki, and Sadiya got pregnant. Life in a big city with a small child became confined to the home.


The knots began to loosen when Sadiya heard that the Deaconess Foundations Vamos youth service provides help to young people with immigrant backgrounds. The name of the activity run at Vamos –  “A path to participation for young immigrants” – aims to provide support for integration and everyday challenges, as well as to increase a sense of involvement.

“I phoned Vamos, and right away they were like Welcome!” says Sadiya.

Together with the youth worker allocated her, Maarit, Sadiya started to rectify her situation. They would go together to the play ground, get a daycare place for Sadiya’s child, and a study place for Sadiya. Sadiya has also been helped by Vamos concerning her residence permit.

In just months Sadiya’s life changed radically.

“The big thing is that with the help of Vamos I got to go to school and now I’m studying commerce. In fact, I was even able choose between could pick two schools!”

Sadiya believes that her own abilities have increased due to Vamos. She would like to graduate as a bookkeeper.

“I’m not going to be left sitting at home any longer!”

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“A path to participation for young immigrants” was a national development project (2016-2019) being carried out in three localities: Helsinki, Kuopio, and Turku. The activity was  funded by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.


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