Partnering for Change

The project aims to present the diverse realities of the countries south of the Sahara, challenging the traditional narrative told in Finland.

We produce materials and events for both civil society organisations engaged in development cooperation and Finnish small and medium sized enterprises.

Civil society organisations engaged in development cooperation

We aim to change the way the countries south of the Sahara are presented in Finland through challenging the traditional development cooperation narrative. The project is encouraging open dialogue and critical introspection about the power imbalance infiltrating development cooperation, and challenges the Finnish civil society organisations to start a systematic process of shifting the power to the organisations and people of the Global South. We do this by organising discussions, trainings and other events as well as sharing materials on the subject.

Finnish small and medium sized enterprises

Partnering for Change provides opportunities for small and medium sized businesses to learn about the business potential of African countries while emphasizing responsibility and the understanding of the local context. We encourage and create opportunities for cooperation for businesses and civil society organisations. In cooperation with Finnpartnership, the project organises events that focus on business opportunities in specific African countries, creating linkages between Finnish and local actors.

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Partnering for Change is implemented by the Deaconess Foundation and Filantropia ry.

Partnering for Change (PARC) is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland as part of the Deaconess Foundation’s development cooperation programme and implemented in cooperation with Filantropia ry.

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