Civic activity

Community support for disregarded groups. In addition to comprehensive services, people need strong community support. Our active civic work generates wellbeing across its scope.


Support from our fellow citizens

We think that services alone are not enough, and that people need other people. Civic action brings people together, as needed members of communities. When involved in civic engagement people become conscious of their own abilities.

People are made stronger by being important, cherished, and valuable to themselves, to others, and to society. The experience can be restorative. It can happen through equal interaction, respectful dialogue and within communities.

Contact information
Laura Hakoköngäs, Special Advisor
Tel. +358 50 3705451

Empowerment and new communities

In recent years, the Deaconess Foundation has, alongside its production of services, initiated empowering civic activity. People have a wealth of expertise, ideas, and resources. Joining them not only generates common meanings but also communities in which people feel better.

We want to strengthen people’s faith in their own abilities, help communities on the path to being as receptive as possible to civic engagement, and contribute to building social harmony and democracy.

Mentor family activity