The administration and governance of the Deaconess Foundation is based on the principle of good governance. Finance is planned so as to avoid unnecessary risks and to ensure a positive impact on the wider society.

The administration of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation sr is determined mainly by the Foundations Act and via the Good Governance of Foundations guidelines of the Council of Finnish Foundations.

As a foundation, we also comply with the Limited Liabilities Companies Act, general legislation, and the operational rules of the authorities governing the activity of foundations. This encompasses the tax and registration authorities, our foundation’s own rules, and the policy and other instructions provided by the board of the foundation.

Governing Bodies

The Helsinki Deaconess Foundation’s Delegation is a statutory body of 12–18 members. It elects the Board members and its chairperson and vice chairperson. The Board has 5–8 members. The term of office for the Delegation and the Board is three years.

In addition to its duties under the Foundations Act, the Board of Directors, among other things, strengthens the group strategy and monitors its implementation. The Board of Directors also appoints the CEO, who heads the group’s operations, and is appointed by the Board of Directors to chair the Group Management Board.

Rules of the Foundation

Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation sr (pdf)


Social responsibility is a feature of all the activities undertaken in the Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation.

Social responsibility is evident in the purpose of activity to take care of all people in the most vulnerable situations. We also take responsibility for our members of staff, who are our most valuable resource in carrying out our work. Financial responsibility entails accurate financial management and efficient activity in all parts of the group. Profitability enables us to finance our activities and to be sustainable in line with the objectives of the foundation. Responsibility for the environment must be taken in all aspects of our work, taking into account environmental values and impacts.

The Helsinki Deaconess Institute Foundation is a social foundation company, which has the Social Enterprise Mark. The foundation is a member of the social enterprise and partnership network the Finnish Association for Social Enterprises (Arvoliitto).

Annual review of the Board for 2020 (e-publ.) in Finnish

Code of Conduct (pdf)
Code of Conduct for Suppliers (pdf)
Corporate Responsibility for Donor and Supplier Cooperation (pdf)

Bishop Teemu Laajasalo.

Bishop Teemu Laajasalo

A woman with a colourful scarf.

Lic. Sc (Tech) Laura Raitio is the Chairman of the Board.

CEO Olli Holmström.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Olli Holmström.  Link to Olli’s cv.