Deaconess Foundation’s new strategy Together the Boldest invites everyone to get involved in working for human dignity


For over 150 years, the Deaconess Foundation has been working for a decent life for everyone. This goal is also at the heart of our new strategy, developed by our staff and stakeholders. What is needed now is the courage and a proactive approach to improve the situation of the most vulnerable.

“The Deaconess Foundation has rapidly grown and become a national actor, and our operating environment is also undergoing major changes. It was necessary for us to reflect together and clarify our future direction and choices. We have come up with an inspiring and forward-looking strategy that is easy for every employee, client and partner to get involved in,” says Olli Holmström, Deaconess Foundation CEO.

Aiming for greater effectiveness

The strategy has four priority areas that the Deaconess Foundation will focus on in the coming period.  These are: being a bold influencer, being a national actor, strengthening unity, and building the work community of the future.

“All the priorities in the strategy are important, but right now inequality is growing and young people at risk of exclusion in particular need support. What’s needed now is a pioneering and proactive approach to improve the situation of the most vulnerable. We aim to be ever more effective in promoting human dignity, both in our services and in our diaconal work.”

Our expertise is needed close to clients

As a social enterprise, growth is not an end in itself for the Deaconess Foundation. Its services and expertise are needed close to its clients.

“We are have a good understanding of clients who need special support, and we have useful skills in developing services and activities and in measuring results. We aim to make a difference to how the lives of people with special needs are shaped in Finland’s welfare society. We want both partners and clients to be involved in the development work,” explains Holmström.

Working for the future in the social and health services sector

The worsening labour shortage is prompting a rush to invest in ensuring that the Deaconess Foundation is seen as a workplace of the future in the eyes of both present and future employees.

“We want to show that in the social sector work is bold, innovative and technologically advanced — the work of the future. Success in this is a prerequisite for everything else. Our aim is to be a welcoming and inviting community, highly approachable for clients, new employees and partners. We will continue to work with strong sense of professionalism and warm heart.”

The strategy process was based on design thinking, human-centred design and agile working. The process involved a wide range of employees and stakeholders (over 800 people). Our partner in this work was Futurice Ltd.

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More information:

Olli Holmström, CEO,, tel. 050 483 6313
Laura Niemi, Communications Director, laura,, tel. 050 373 8602

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