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Boldly working for human dignity also internationally.

A life of dignity for everyone

The Deaconess Foundation promotes the rights of the most vulnerable people internationally. We work especially with young people, girls, people with disabilities, minorities, and people in migration.

We develop solutions to enable even the most vulnerable people to defend their rights and live a life of dignity. We always work in partnership with local communities and NGOs, strengthening their capacities so that they are better able to continue their work for long-term change.

We operate in Europe and East Africa

In addition to our development cooperation in the wider Eastern Europe and East Africa region, we also carry out projects to promote the human rights of minorities across Europe.

We promote the inclusion and employment of the Roma minority in Romania and Bulgaria. We are strengthening Roma digital literacy and inclusion together with Italian, Serbian and North Macedonian partners.

We also provide emergency assistance to Ukraine.

Our current work

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Saija Niemi
Head of International Affairs
Tel. +358 50 431 2266

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