Rehabilitation for children, young people and families


The main patients of the Children and Young People’s Working Group are tortured and severely traumatised children and young people under the age of 18 and their families who have come to Finland as refugees.


  • The multidisciplinary team provides assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, family and networking work and service counselling.
  • A free outpatient clinic serves refugee families nationwide.
  • Patients are referred by a health professional.
  • Services are free of charge to clients.
  • Any interpretation and travel costs are covered by the client’s municipality.
  • The service is also available remotely via digital media.
  • We train, advise and advise professionals working with refugees.
  • We produce materials for our database to support our work with refugees.

Contact information

The Children and Youth Team
Alppikatu 2 B, FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 50 502 7581

Marjo Neste, Project Manager
Tel. +358 50 502 7601


In 2017, a study on the rehabilitation of children and young people mapped the trauma background of children and young people who entered the country as quota refugees, as well as the needs and resources of mental health services. Services for children and young people are being developed based on the recommendations of the survey and the experience of working with clients.

The working group on Children and Young People develops materials for the care of refugee children, young people and families and for professionals working with them in the social and educational sectors.

Available in English

The workbooks “My story”, “Story of me” and “Our story” are designed for social- and healthcare professionals, who work with traumatized refugee children, adolescents and families. There is also a manual which tells how to use “My story” workbook. Get acquainted with the workbooks!

My story (pdf)
Story of me (pdf)
Our story (pdf)

My story – Manual for social and healthcare professionals (pdf)

Training and Consultation

The Working Group provides training and advice to professionals in the social, health and education sectors on the encounter, symptom recognition, treatment, family and networking of children and young people who have been tortured and severely traumatised.


Marjo Neste, Project Manager
tfn. 050-5027601
Fax 09 775 09216 (Office)

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