Children and youth activity

The primary clients of the Children and youth activity are torture victims and severely traumatised children and young people under the age of 24, together with their families, who have come to Finland as quota refugees. A multiprofessional team provides treatment needs assessments, rehabilitation, family and networking work, and service guidance. Free outpatient treatment focuses on Helsinki and its surrounding areas. Patient guidance is done by referral by a healthcare professional.

The activity for children and young people was ´funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for 2016–2021.

Contact information
The Children and Youth Team
Alppikatu 2, FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 50 502 7581

Marjo Neste, Project Manager
Tel. +358 50 502 7601





The multiprofessional child and youth team primarily develops models for the treatment of quota refugees and youth, and families. The team provides training and consultations for health care professionals. Databases are also compiled of information related to the mental health of traumatised refugee and asylum seeker children and young people. Databases are mostly available in Finnish.

Available in English

The workbooks “My story”, “Story of me” and “Our story” are designed for social- and healthcare professionals, who work with traumatized refugee children, adolescents and families. There is also a manual which tells how to use “My story” workbook. Get acquainted with the workbooks!

My story (pdf)
Story of me (pdf)
Our story (pdf)

My story – Manual for social and healthcare professionals (pdf)