“Nothing happens without young people”

The Youth Programme aims to diversify young people’s voices and allow their different opinions and ideas to be heard in society and in decision-making.

What is the Youth Programme?

The Youth Programme’s motto is: ‘We can’t do anything without young people’. That’s why right from the start young people are the ones who determine how we will run the Youth Programme. But we also want to carry out the programme together with everyone involved in youth inclusion activity.

There are almost a million young people aged 15-29 in Finland. The participation of young people in decision-making has been successfully developed for a long time, but still not everyone’s voice is heard.

The aim of the Youth Programme is to make sure that the experiences and needs of vulnerable young people are expressed in society. It also aims to generate new partnerships and solutions to prevent youth exclusion. The initial funding for the Youth Programme comes from the Deaconess Foundation.


Laura Lempinen, Program Manager

Hanna Suomi, Communications

Emma Kallunki, Participation

Suldaan Said Ahmed, MakeSomeNoise-concept